Anytime Ultra Guard

Simply THE BEST ULTRA SLIM Wings sanitary napkins ever. 

Absorb up to 5X MAXI and 2X SLIM sanitary napkins. The only sanitary napkins you need during your heaviest period – up to 12 hours protection. Breathable layers to keep your sensitive skins FRESH and avoid any skins irritation. Perfectly THIN.Perfectly DRY.  All you feel is COMFORT.

Wing/Non Wing



 24 cm


 Day and Night


 Ultra Slim


 Non Woven


Miracle Pad. It has great absorbing power. I love it. It is so soft, .... Read More
Kathy, Singapore

Awesome. This is the best pad I have ever tried. I have a heavy flow .... Read More
Michelle, Singapore

Best Product Ever! Does everything it claims ... slim, flexible, comfortable, and VERY absorbent. .... Read More
Silvy, Surabaya